Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Training

Preparedness is an essential element of effectively maintaining business continuity during any interruption to business operations. Building an emergency preparedness program in-house may not be effective or efficient for many businesses. Instead, many firms turn to a trusted partner that understands their industry and business structure, and knows how to collaborate with the public safety and regulatory agencies.

Our team of experts can be this trusted for your organization, developing a preparedness program that will protect your reputation, people, assets, and the environment from an unforeseen disaster. As experienced consultants in EHS and emergency management, our team can align your emergency preparedness needs with your regulatory requirements and management systems to create a seamless program that addresses all of your requirements with minimal sustainment cost.

Our Emergency Preparedness programs:

Major disasters adversely affect regional economies through lost revenue, income, taxes, jobs, and assets. Many Economic Development Organizations lack the resources, methods, and training to help businesses in their regions build economic resiliencies to survive and recover from major disasters.
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Business Continuity plans, programs, training and audits

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Risk Management Program assessments, audits, plans and exercises

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Crisis Leadership and Decision Making Training Course

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Management System conformance

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Emergency Planning

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Risk Assessment

Our training is the best choice for everyone

Developing a training plan can help you ensure that your team has the knowledge and skills necessary to meet your organization's goals. Here are some steps to help you create a training plan that is effective and engaging.

Training need assessment

At our company, we take a comprehensive approach to developing training programs that are effective and engaging for learners. Our first step is to conduct a needs analysis to identify the specific learning objectives and goals for the training.

Design and develop training plan

From there, we work closely with subject matter experts to ensure the content is accurate and up-to-date. We also take into account the learning styles and preferences of our target audience to design a program that is tailored to their needs.

Course confirmation

To make the training experience as interactive and engaging as possible, we incorporate a variety of activities and assessments throughout the program.


Finally, we continuously evaluate and update our training programs to ensure they remain relevant and effective. We believe that effective training is key to driving performance and success, and we take pride in our approach to developing high-quality programs that meet the needs of our clients and their learners.
Contact Hayat Institute today for a no-risk consult on how we can help you fulfill your regulatory requirements and build a stronger relationship with the emergency responders that you rely on.
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