Health and Safety Education

Elderly Care Course

This program is an accredited qualification and was designed specifically for the care of the elderly. Recognizing signs and symptoms of injury and illness, and assisting them in their ADL’s with respect to advancing age, and those who is suffering from injury and illness. Care givers, students will learn and be assessed on their practical ability to deal with the basic needs on the care, management of injuries on different emergency situations that require first aid.
  • 6 hours training duration
  • HABC International Certificate
  • 3 years certification validity
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Care for the Elderly; Concept on Aging, Injuries, and First Aid Management Module

Topics Covered:

Roles and responsibilities of caregiver, Communication, and the caregiving process (individuals with disabilities)
Fundamentals of caregiving and Basic hygiene including PPE
Assisting elderly in ADL’s and elderly with special needs such as Stroke, Dementia, and Diabetes
Basic Life Support/FirstAid - CPR, Choking, Stroke, Heart attack, Diabetes

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