Health and Safety Education

Basic Emergency First Aid for Parents with Home Safety

This course is designed for parents and caregivers, considering both cultural and language barriers to maximize on the learning potential. We have consulted healthcare professionals, governing bodies, and cross-cultural psychologist to ensure we consider all essential factors of child safety and deliver them in the most effective way. Our program is based on best practice and simple guidelines, which massively impact the safety of your children in and around the home. We strongly recommend that both parents and home help attend the courses and unite in making positive changes in and around the home.
  • 4 hours training duration
  • DCAS Approved (Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services)
  • 3 years certification validity
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Emergency First Aid for Maids and Nannies with Home Safety Course

Topics Covered (EPR):

How to prepare your home in case of emergency; Cultural and behavioral factors and Making Positive Changes
Preparing for a Real Emergency; Assessing the infant/child
CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), Recovery Position, Choking, and Drowning
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Topics Covered (FAIC):

Wounds and Bleeding
Febrile Seizure
Eye and Head Injury
Heat Exhaustion
Electric Shock
Burns and Scalds
Bites and Stings

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